Let's Respect
Kumon Y'all

Let’s get together

Living and growing up in Dewsbury, Savile Town, and hearing yesterday that Savile Town is a no go area really hurts. I find Dewsbury Savile Town to be similar place to other places it has it’s problems like others and it has it’s plus points also like others.

Why has this happened that two communities once upon a time lived together in harmony now fears each other so much and stays away from each others turf..


WHAT can we do to make the world better for our children (all muslim and none muslim alike).?

WHER did we go wrong?


One Response to “Let’s get together”

  1. The negative perception cemented and fuelled by the media along with issues such as immigration are the bedrock for the problems we see and encounter today.

    Democracy instills the freedom of speech and movement, but it truly is a sad for all commnunites when the rights of individuals and masses are violated in the name of selling “news”.

    Until and unless our media is held accountable for its actions in promoting hate, there is little chance of any gain being concieved in the form of bonding the communities together.

    I beileve that a dual dialogue and debate with the media is the order of the day with the inclusion of our Mosque leaders taking a more pro-active role in its aim in preparing an action plan that will promote harmony and not hate.

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